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Terms of payment:

By: Letter of Credit / Documents Against Payment 50%-80% of TLC depending on the unit to be imported & balance payable upon arrival at the port of destination. A 10% down payment is required upon confirmation.

LC Opening:

(LC) Letter of Credit & (DAP) Documents Against Payment opening is facilitated by our office since we have all the necessary licenses. We provide you with a Secretary’s Certificate to open a designated account in your nearest BPI branch under HCE Brokerage Corporation where you will be the single signatory. The bank holds out the funds in that account in order for them to open an LC & or process a DAP. This is a bank-to-bank international transaction. Payment to our partner exporters bank needs to comply with the stipulations in the LC & DAP, Main document needed is the Bill of Lading “B/L” which indicates that the shipment has been on sail and the heavy machine(s) or truck(s) you purchased is/are loaded onboard the vessel on its way to the Philippines.


Our Banker:

Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI)

Port Area, Manila


Current Account 4991004624

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